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As parents with a deep desire to see our son develop and hopefully one day have an independent life and be a contributing member of society, it takes a lot of work. 

There is countless appointments with specialists and to get the full benefits of sessions you need to implement the therapy into every day life. 

So often, this makes it is hard to have normal moments of just the parent, child relationship we all yearn for. 

Adapted Books allows parents to help their non verbal children expand their vocabulary of receptive and hopefully communicative words, whilst enjoying classic children's stories like any normal family.

A chance to combine therapy, with a touching and loving moment of connection between parent and child that also happens to be super helpful for their communication/comprehension skills.

Created by a mother of non verbal autistic boy who just wanted to read with her son. 

Now available for every parent, therapist, classroom and library across the world to give all kids the opportunity to read in their own special way.  

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